Byproducts of the Lockdown

Forgotten Gems in the Sky Around 11:00pm, Noelle and I go out for her last call. She is sniffing in the yard. I look up the sky. In the silence of the dark and the clear air, bright cold blue and white dots are scattered. This has been my new routine since the lockdown. Before that, everything was more systematic to check off the list. As she went down to the yard, I was trying to spot her in the dark to make sure she was not goofing around. My alarm would go off before 6:00 am. Every second counts. As she got her party done quicker, I'd get more sleep. One night after the lockdown began, the air was very crisp. I noticed the night was much darker than usual. Maybe, the moon was very thin. Then, I looked up. I found stars twinkling in the sky. I had not seen them for years. Now, I'm happy to find myself enjoying stargazing every night. It's only a couple minutes, but that is my satisfing moment. Regardless what's go…

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