Our Bathroom Remodel Project Step by Step

Continuing from the last post of our bathroom remodel project, this post is about more practical side from idea gathering to budgeting. This is how we planned, organized and managed the project. The key is having a guideline for yourself to stay on the track in case situations are confusing, you have doubts or feel lost, and finding right people you can trust to work with. We had no time constraint to the project. How we did might not for ones with time constraints in some situations. We wanted to make sure we would get what we wanted at the end. So, we took time where it needed. Goal Setting Why need a goal? Because it helps you to validate what you think is what you actually want/need. Because it helps you to stay on the right track toward what you want. It would help you define what you want and lead your project to a successful ending. Our goal was to have THE bathroom, not A bathroom. It is our bathroom, so it should not be any bathrooms, but something

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