Easter in New Normal

We've been facing our NEW normal. I see some are having a hard time to adjust because of the uncertainty, but staring at the source of your anxiety is just a hard way to live. It'd wear you out and eat you up. I'm not just saying this. I know how it's like. I've been there. Here, Noelle has no idea what's going on in the world, at least in the human world. She enjoyed sun bathing in peace. Isn't it nice to have that kind of moment to yourself despite of what's going on? This is especially the time we find a way to feel love and appreciation in our life. So, we can live better, happier and healthier in this unusual situation.Anxiety ExposedFive weeks ago, I went to grocery shopping after work on Thursday as my weekly routine. I pick Thursday evening because the store is quiet and their shelves are filled toward a weekend.That was not an ordinal Thursday. As I got into the store, there was only one cart left. I grabbed the last one. It was very crowded and…

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