Hostess Gifts

The snow over Thursday night is still covering the ground. The season is changing... Here we go again. Another holiday season begins!

This Thanksgiving, we received two invitations besides our family gathering. We usually spend Thanksgiving at Shirley's. She and her family are kind enough to open their home for us as their extended family. We always have lovely time with them by their warm hospitality. She invited us again. The other invitation is by another neighbor, a sweet old couple. We're visiting both.

For holiday dinners, I don't like to bring food since they already have more than enough food there. I think more food from guests is the last thing they want. We all know they'll live with their left over for a while. I still don't want to show up with empty hands even they wouldn't mind that.

I don't like to bring "typical" holiday stuff like poinsettia, Christmas cactus or wine either imagining they'll get those during the holiday season.

For Shirley, I picked a small simple bouquet. She likes to keep things simple.

The colors don't even mention Thanksgiving. Well, that's the key. In this case, it's more personal than picking yellow and orange flowers.

The old couple have artists in their family. They are interested in arts and crafts. So, I decided to make my hands dirty a little bit. I got the fireplace on and some munches with coffee. I'm good to go.

Well, it's going to be a Christmas wreath. If they don't like it, they might take it for Yankee swap and they could have fun. I like to use grape vines for a base. You might think using artificial fir base. I'm not a big fan of its artificial look.

After playing with the elements for a while, it started taking a shape...

This little birdie adds a little holiday cheer.

I tried to add more holiday cheer...

They made me dizzy. Oh boy, that was too much. I decided to stick to its organic rustic feel.

Thus, my hostess gifts are ready for Thanksgiving. They are a little bit out of the ordinary. Hopefully, they'd enjoy them.

It is grateful that somebody would think of having us at their home for Holidays. Thinking back, many thoughtful people invited me for Thanksgiving and Christmas whether I was able to make it or not. They thought I would be alone for these family oriented holidays their knowing my family was thousands miles away. I have been so thankful and grateful for every single of their invites over the years, and still I am. Someday, I'd love to open our home to somebody who would be all by themselves on the holidays just like those people did for me.


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