Makeshift, Facelift ~ Part 3

I thought it was time to paint the walls. Ah, the trims and the baseboard...

Strip Them All!

This task has to be done when the weather is nice enough to keep the window open because of the fume from the paint stripper. In the short summer in New England, there is no time to waste. Let's get to it.

I put a gel type paint stripper. The key is to be generous.

20 minutes later... This is the most exciting phase. You see the action!

The loose paint was scraped off.

The second round...

Not bad, isn't it?

The process is simple. It's very easy to do. The problem is time consuming, and the fume. I used a fan to get the fume out, but it was still quite strong. That made hard to handle a big surface at once. Plus, some area's paint was quite stubone. The skin gets irritated, too. Strong stuff. When 25% of the task was done, I decided to postpone this task to next summer.

Fresh Coat

After two coats of the paint, the era of the wallpaper is all behind!

In the above pictures, the walls and the ceiling look like the same color, but they are not. The ceiling is a lighter shade than the walls. Because of the pitched ceiling and the size of the room, I didn't pick drastically different colors.

I painted the baseboard where the shelvings would be set up. I prefer it to be stained, but it had some spots the paint didn't come off and it would be covered after all. I made a little compromise.

The foundation was set. It's time to set up shelving.