Makeshift, Facelift ~ Part 1

You see the top layer of the paint is flaking. Whenever the doors open and close, those flakes fall off like confetti. Should I call them door fairy dusts?

I scrubbed the doors, then vacuumed them. It didn't do much of my favor. The paint seems to be ready to fall off, but its flakes don't come off as they are supposed to, but when the doors open and close, of course, they come off. Urg!!!

When we moved into the house in 2009, I noticed the wallpaper in the room was mended with scotch tape. Yes, you read it right, scotch tape. It's an interesting choice to fix the problem. 8 years later(we moved in December.), some big pieces of the wall paper came off. Then, another wallpaper underneath it showed up. I welcome you to my laundry room!

This is an interesting room. The plumbing is exposed with the cutout of the wall board. Somebody did a very minimal job to set up plumbing for a washer, and didn't even bother to close the wall to hide the pipes. It has a kneeling wall. It has a chimney running through from the basement on one wall in its center. It has a good floor space, but not so much of use as a bedroom between 26" tall of the kneeling wall and 22" depth of the chimney. The ceiling starts slanting to the kneeling wall in the center of it.

I'm happy to use this as a laundry room, but have been always thinking a better use of the space. The chimney side wall have been used as a sort of supply storage, but its functionality is questionable. In the planning for the remodel of one of the bathrooms, we decided to get rid of the small closet in it where some cleaning supply and linens were stored. Those need to go somewhere. The laundry room seems to be the most reasonable place for the cleaning supply.

I am aware that:

  • the wiring and the plumbing need overhaul,
  • the washer and the dryer need a better layout,
  • the laundry room needs a utility sink... well, this is more likely what I want.

These three are inter related to each other, and we don't want to put any time and money into them yet. I have a good idea of how the new layout would be. So, I can leave out the space for them from my project.

Set the goal

I have no intention of touching the wiring and the plumbing this time. I cannot change the layout of the washer and dryer either because it requires some wiring and plumbing work.

My goal for this project is to make the room a little more pleasant and functional for the time being.

Get a plan

The kneeling wall is about 140" long. I'd like to put all my sewing supply on the half of the wall, some personal care supply, batteries, light bulbs, extension codes and such on the other half. The chimney side wall for cleaning and laundry supplies. Hopefully, I can put the steam cleaners and the vacuums there, too.

Here is my action plan:

  • Get rid of all wallpapers
  • Paint the walls
  • Set up shelvings on the kneeling wall and the indented part of the wall with the chimney
  • Set up covering for the shelvings
  • Remove the paint from the doors, the window and the baseboards
  • Stain them

The top three items need to be complete before the bathroom demo begins. It's time to roll up my sleeves!