It's been one year since I touched the velvety floppy ears last time.

Marilyn has sent me her signs time to time. Unfortunately, I'm not spiritually intuitive. So, I often miss them. She must be so frustrated with me. But, there is one occasion that I didn't miss one. This is the story about it.

Message from the Heaven

After I sent her off to the Rainbow Bridge, I missed her all the time and worried if she made it to the bridge all right by herself and she was ok there or not even though there was nothing I could help her anymore. I might be desperately looking for a connection with my girl.

So, I asked Melanie Cruickshank, Animal Communicator, a reading. I had happened to see her reading for somebody's dog. Her reading was very detailed and specific. I knew the person and her dog at some level. The reading seemed to be quite accurate to me. Melanie communicates with live animals and ones crossed the bridge. She kindly accepted my request. I think she is truly gifted. She is a humble and lovely person. I recommend her to anybody who wishes to know their animals a little more deeper than we can.

Her reading consisted of a message from Marilyn, her life before she came to me and response to a couple more questions I asked. I asked Melanie if she could ask Marilyn those questions when I requested her the reading. She told me she couldn't guarantee to get her answers because Marilyn might have her own agenda. I thought that was fair.

I learned her life had been much harder than I thought. What she had gone through torn apart my heart. Living in uncertainty, fears, sadness, unwillingly tossed around and mistreated by heartless people..., it was overwhelming.

Every rescued dog has a tough part(s) in their life. Stories from their side could let you virtually experience what they felt. Nobody deserves such sad stories in their life. They deserve home. They deserve their own family. They deserve to be loved. Their broken hearts deserve to be healed by love and trust. So, please adopt.

Marilyn talked about the moment her soul left her body and how she got to the Rainbow Bridge.

She also says there was another dog I (= Melanie) feel more chocolate in colour that came forward to lead her towards the bridge so she was never alone.

It was a great comfort to know she was not alone. I didn't think about it so much when I read it for the first time, but now I wonder that dog could be her first buddy, Tucker, though his coat was more red than chocolate.

Tucker was Chad's uncle's. He was very laid back, gentle and happy. When she came to us, Marilyn didn't get along with other dogs. But, when they met for the first time, they were instantly connected. They walked side by side up and down the hill in front of the uncle's house over and over as if they had been best friends for long time.

Tucker has been gone for more than 5 years. I hope they hang out again there.

Very Special Delivery

I visited my family in Japan last November. I also saw some friends during the stay. One of the friends had a hard time adjusting her schedule to see me this time. Her schedule kept changing. I thought we wouldn't be able to get together, but somehow she made it a couple days before I left Japan.

When I saw her, she gave me a little box. It had a cute little dog figure inside. I instantly loved it. The dog was made with clay by a well known master craftsman. That was a decoration for a New Year to bring good luck. We have a custom to get usually a figure or a painting of the Chinese zodiac symbol for the year on the New Year's Day wishing a good year. She said she picked it for me because a year of the dog was coming.

A little while later, she started asking me about Marilyn out of blue. It was a kind of off topic from the flow of our conversation. Plus, she is not much of an animal person. Then, a part of Melanie's reading came up in my mind.

She says she is going to work harder and send you something special, extra special it will come through a friend or someone you know but you will know it is from your girl. The lady is not close to you so this will have to come and travel to get to you – she isn’t sharing what it is but you will know and it is to say thank you and to place it somewhere special.

The dots were connected inside of me. "Oh my god, Marilyn, this is you! I got it. Thank you. I got it." I couldn't stop smiling. That was Marilyn's way to let me know the dog was her gift for me. Again, I'm not intuitive. She had to send me more direct sign to tell me that. I didn't mention this to the friend. I just wanted to keep it inside of me at that moment.

Now, the dog is sitting with her pictures and ashes, my special place. Everyday, it makes me smile.

You would think I'm crazy. I'd love to believe that is from her. I'll leave it to you how you see this.