Make Lemonade ~ Cope with good memories ~ Part 2

This is not like a little project in Part 1. And, you would probably put your thoughts into the most. I hope you would find what the most makes sense to you...

Home Again

Marilyn came home a week later after sending her off to the rainbow bridge.

When Marilyn turned 10, I sometimes thought about how I would do with her ashes when the time would come. It made me sick to think about it. But, a large breed like her and not knowing her history, I had no idea of her life expectation. It was possible that it could have come sooner. On the other hand, it is a big deal to me what to do with her ashes. I wanted to have options Marilyn and I would be happy about. Here are what I found besides you and I like these ideas or not.

Cremation Urns and More

I started looking up urns for ashes. So many designs and sizes for pets are available. Some are even wearable called cremation jewelry.

In my culture, we don't keep ashes at home. We believe they should be in their graves, so they can rest peacefully. From that aspect, I am personally not comfortable with the idea of carrying around ashes. This is not for me. It could be suitable for someone who wish to keep their loved ones close all the time.

Cremation Gemstone

Marilyn and I are not so interested in gemstones. I knew this was not for us, but just share the information.

It seems they got the idea from creating artificial gemstones. They process ashes in high pressure and turn it to gemstones. I didn't look into options and cost.

I can see there are many different opinions in many levels about this. I leave it to you.

Artful Ashes/Rainbow Bridge Hearts

Then, I found Artful Ashes. They are a family owned business in Seattle, WA. They create glass art with ashes. The owners/founders started the idea with finding a way to cope their own loss. They happened to be artists and their glass object came from their love to the family they lost. They told me that Artful Ashes for human memorial, Rainbow Bridge Hearts for pets. Both are run by the same family.

I thought this was it. It's not just beautifully made, but I love the idea of the transformation of the ashes. I was not sure about her ash stuck in a box or urn. It's dark inside. I was not sure if Marilyn could rest in peace in one of those. She loved to be outside. She loved to be in the sun. If the ashes is in a transparent container, she would get some light, but it constantly reminds me her death. I wouldn't be able to handle that. Her physical absence is already hard enough.

If her ashes are in a glass object, she could get the sun. The ashes are hardly recognized as ashes in it. It eases my mind. At the same time, I know where she is in it without any direct reminder of her death.

Their web site provides information for pretty much everything you'd think to ask. They are very empathetic and respectful. If you ask them questions, they respond pretty quickly.

They store received ashes in their safe with labeling. They send you back the remaining ashes after the production with your order.

Memorial Creation Collection Package

Once you are ready to order your memorial art, you request them a Memorial Creation Collection Package. When I requested mine, they shipped it quickly and gave me a notification of the shipment.

The package includes a scooper and a container for ashes, a recipient filled bubble envelop along with all information you need from ordering to receiving your glass art — a catalog of the memorial arts, the instructions of how to prep and mail your ashes.

To order, you pick a style and colors from the options. They even do a little engraving for you, too.

Thoughtful Personalized Communication

Once I mailed her ashes to them, they emailed me a notification of receiving the ashes and their production schedule. That was actually personalized email, not from a template. It was very nice.

About 4-5 weeks later, I received an email from them: "Marilyn is coming home." They really said that. A couple days later, for some reasons, I felt I needed to be home that morning. So, I worked from home. Then, I heard the doorbell. The mailman was at the door with Marilyn!

They are sensitive about the situation of you who lost your loved ones. They also honor to work on your orders.

This is Marilyn's glass sphere. The white swirl reminds me her gray hair. The silver swirl is her ashes.

I asked them to engrave her name with a paw. They did it for me.

It comes with a certificate. They also put a hand writing note with the package.

I made two pillows for her. You know, you need a pillow otherwise the bum gets hurt.

I could put little pon-pons at the corners, couldn't I? Well, there is always room for improvement.

She sits on the window sill on sunny days. Her sunbathing routine never changes.

Whenever the sun reflects on her, she looks so happy. That makes me smile.

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