Unextraordinary Weekend

unextraordinary — this word gets marked as an invalid word when you type it. But, this is a valid English word. It consists of three parts, un-extra-ordinary.

According to Collins, this word is an adjective. Its definition is ordinary, mundane. I don't think the word is actually equal to those words. It says un(=not) extra-ordinary. To me, unextraordinary belongs to somewhere between ordinary and extraordinary. It looks un-extra and un-ordinary. I'd rather use this word when I don't want to call something "normal", ordinary, but it's not unusual, "extra" ordinary, either.

Anyway, it's a quiet weekend with no plan. Vacuuming and laundry are done. The bird feeders are filled up. Anything else can be taken care of later. What is the rush? Snuggling sounds very tempting. Marilyn read my mind. She's been snuggling with me on the couch. She keeps me warm. Good idea, Marilyn.

I was motivated this morning. Then, this happened.

I made breakfast. Usually, we just have toasts or bagels. This morning, I actually made the batter from scratch. It's not from pancake or waffle mix. As always, Williams Sonoma is on my side. I don't know what to do without it. This is Spiced Brown Sugar Waffles. Nice and moist with buttermilk and butter. Not so sweet. They go well with fruits or sausages. A little hint of spices is a nice touch. This big breakfast covers lunch, too. Should I call it brunch? My motivation is not ordinary, but not extraordinary. It's unextraordinary.

Marilyn and I had a ride to the vet. She loves to go there. She has an appointment for her senior checkup on Monday, but her med. won't last till then. So, we picked up her prescription. At the vet, she met a new doggy friend. Most of the time she doesn't like other dogs, but she liked that one. They sniffed each other and wagged their tails. Everybody was happy. A proud moment as her mama. She also greeted to everybody in the waiting room, which happens whenever she sees people.
(extraordinary + ordinary) / 2 = unextraordinary

The technicians are so good to Marilyn. One of them asked me how she was doing as soon as she recognized me when she showed up to the reception counter. I told her Marilyn was with me, then she came to see her with a treat. That made Marilyn's day.

In the afternoon, Shirley came over. We had a chat over tea. I always enjoy talking with her. She is very thoughtful and sweet. Our topics are nothing special. We just catch up with what happened to each other. I love this kind of hang-out. She is looking forward to her grandson's graduation in Tennessee this spring. Marilyn joined us the last half of the hangout. She curled up between Shirley and I on the couch. Shirley is also very good to Marilyn. Nana was, too. Marilyn and I sometimes see her at an evening walk. Shirley likes Marilyn always recognizes her even in the dark.

I'm trying to make this tea time our weekly routine. We have gotten together more often since Nana past. Marilyn and I usually visit her. This time Shirley came over. This is nice. It's not ordinary, but extraordinary either. If it's described extraordinary, her visit sounds like once a lifetime event. It's not. She comes over, but usually with business. So, unextraordinary is just perfect. I hope this turns to be ordinary some time soon.