Rainy Weekend

Rain started on Friday, then continued to the weekend. My mom used to tell me every rain brings cooler weather this time of a year around. After this rain, the air will be a little cooler and leaves will get more colors.

My original plan for this weekend was some work to the gardens for next season. Instead, I filled up the bird feeders, finished my weekend routine and spent some time on the on-going project at work(thanks to VPN!) on Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up under the dark sky, and decided to spend a day on the couch. A little break from leaves and pinecones in the yard. It was not chilly, but we fired up the fireplace. The heat from the fire made Marilyn sleepy. She enjoyed a nap on the couch. The dried wood burnt quickly. The sound of the fire creates homey air. Tea, cookies and fire made Sunday so relaxing. This is a magic of fall and winter.

This is a try-out of one of Christmas cookie recipes I found the other day. It seems to be too early, but believe me. Christmas comes much quicker than you think. Tryouts need to be done early enough to forget the taste of them. Otherwise, you would be so tired to eat them during the holidays. I think cookies are great part of the holidays. Actually, I look forward to them more than holiday feasts. Those little sweets bring smiles and delightful small talks. I love such little happiness.

I tried a cookie press for the first time. This is so much fun! It's much better than cookie cutters. You don't need to roll out dough and chill it. You can finish it shorter time with less mess. Cookies from a cookie press are more consistant thickness and shapes than ones from cookie cutters. I could add some pumpkin spices or something to the dough. The shape is nothing to do with the flavor. Oh well, it's ok. The cookie jar is full. Chad got snack for the week.

In the late afternoon, it stopped raining. I stepped out to the yard for fresh air. Here are my happy flowers.

Once the air started getting cooler, Clematises started growing. They didn't do anything spring and summer. They didn't grow at all. I thought they might die out. It seems I don't need to worry about it anymore. They have more flowers than they did last weekend shown below. I hope all buds open before a frost comes.

Hopefully, I can catch up with the yard work next weekend. Bulbs for next spring are coming. I need to get bed ready for them.