Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

I meant to post this last night, but fall asleep before hitting the publish button...

My baby turned thirteen years old. She still runs around and loves long walks.

Her face has got more gray. The silly face looks more silly. Even paws have been turning gray. No matter how old she is, the most important to mention is that she brings us smiles everyday.

I don't know if she knew today was her birthday or not. She woke me up much earlier than usual. I gave her belly rubs and tried to go back to sleep. Usually, the belly rub is a snooze button to her. That didn't work this morning. She told me to get up. We went out the door before 7:00. She picked a short course though she usually loves to go to a long course in weekends. She had a breakfast, went back out, then propped on the grass and took naps. That was her day just like a normal weekend.

In the afternoon, she went for a ride to her favorite place, Barkery, the dog bakery. They have all sorts of yummy treats. She sniffed every single thing in the store. She even tried to sneak into the kitchen. "Are there any treats fresh from the oven?" They offer two healthy dog food samples. We picked two for Frankie. She got some treats there. "Marilyn, which cookie do you want? Do you want a pupcake? Apple pie? Pizza?" She was too busy checking out other shelves. There were two kinds of birthday cake in the glass case. "Marilyn, this is perfect!" We picked up her birthday cake instead of treats. The half of the cake goes to Sammy and Kenya, Olga's dogs. Kenya thinks Marilyn is her BFF. Marilyn... loves Olga better than Kenya.

While Chad and Marilyn were grilling dinner outside, Nick and Amanda, Shirley's grand children, brought some steak tips for her birthday. Of course, Marilyn chowed them down with a great excitement.

She got a quarter of the cake. It didn't last long at all. She took care of all crumbs. The plate looked as if it just came out from a dish washer after the cake was gone. Another quarter is for tomorrow.

After all the excitement...

It seems she had a good birthday.