I love being home. Home is always my favorite place to be, and I hope it always stays that way.

Home is my sanctuary. It makes me feel safe, peaceful, relaxed, inspired, creative, excited, and most importantly happy. It's filled with my favorite things. I can do anything I want. If you have a such place, why don't you want to go anywhere else?

domino has been my favorite magazine. It was so heartbreaking when it was shut down. A couple months ago, I received its special edition out of blue. I was so excited to see it again. When I flipped a couple of pages, I was stunned with these words.

Home should make you happy. Those were the first words of domino's first issue, and they're the guiding principle of this special issue, too. We refuse to let a blank wall, boring floor, or chaotic kitchen stand between you and earthy bliss...

No wonder I love this magazine. What I'm aiming is as same as theirs. That's where "smitten home" comes from.

This issue has already inspired me for new projects. Their ideas stir up my head with confetti and fireworks. I take them in and bring out something more suitable to my taste and needs. Life should be fun. I make my life fun adding styles to it, and that makes me happy. It makes me think how I want to live. I care things are around me. Styles are not all about looking good. They are philosophies. Everybody has their own. They inspire each other and create something new. That's the beauty of styles.

Hope they publish a next issue of domino soon.


  1. Let me just commend you for such an inspiring post! Indeed, nothing beats the comfort and sanctuary of our homes. It's where we are free to be ourselves.

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