The Resort - Part 3 ~ Marilyn Version

It seems my twelve-years old has been enjoying her retirement life, but she thinks her life is stressful and tough. She decided to take time-off with me.

Marilyn loves to wake up with the sun. When the sun comes up, it's time to get up. She also passes that on to me. When she gets up, she comes to wake me up. When I wake up, that means it's time for a morning walk. She doesn't want to waste any moment. She bosses me around to hurry up to get ready.

Once she steps out the door, she looks around the yard and makes sure the sun is out. She doesn't like rain. Fresh air gets her excited. She looks at me "Let's go." She picks a root for the walk. Her legs moves rhythmically. Her tail is half up and wags left and right. The tail shows how proud she is. Her nose works so hard to check things out on the street. She doesn't forget greeting everybody she meets. When she sees her friends, people friends, her tail starts going crazy. That makes her friends happy. People I don't know say hi to her. She has more friends than I do.

After the walk, she takes a little break. While I prepare her breakfast, her eyes look so heavy. She is almost falling asleep. When she knows breakfast is ready, her eyes get wide open. She came to me for her thyroid medecine which she is not a big fan of, but she knows she gets breakfast after that. As soon as her bowl is set to the regular spot, she sits down and waits for ok. She waits until she gets ok. With "ok", she chows down breakfast. Then, she is ready to start her day. She tells me to let her go outside.

Marilyn goes to the yard and picks a sunny spot. She sits and watches cars go by on the street. Once she gets tired of it, she starts her job, supervising me. She doesn't care even her ear is flipped over. "Marilyn, your ear is flipped." "What ear?" She is focused. She doesn't say a word, but sends me a message, "I'm watching you". Her black coat keeps sucking the sun. It doesn't take long her head is getting heavy. She puts her head on the grass. At this point, she is still watching me. Then, she notices her belly is not warm. She changes her position, laying down side way. Here, she starts losing her focus. A little while later, the half of her body gets hot. She rolls over to get the sun on the other side. Her hot side enjoys the cool grass. After flipping herself over for a couple of times, her eyes are also getting heavy. She doesn't care anything anymore. Her eyes are closed. Nothing bothers her. Even I walked by right next to her, she doesn't even open the eyes. She's arrived at her vacation destination, a dream. The roll-over steps are repeated. When it gets too hot, she moves to a shade. After while, she starts missing the sun, so gets back under the sun, and repeats the roll-over steps. This is her day. She doesn't go anywhere even though we don't have fences around our yard.

Once in a while, she just sits and watches around. "I'm on duty." Yeah, right. That doesn't last long. When she recognizes my walking by her, she lifts her legs, "Give me a belly rub." She does it as if a belly rub is a toll. I pay the toll, then she goes "More." Really?

She tells me time for an afternoon walk after 5:00. We hit one hour stroll. She takes care of things for the rest of the day. When we come back, she is ready for dinner. According to the clock, it's not dinner time yet. Her longest time of the day starts. Five minutes feels like days. She goes a circle in the house, and tells me it's dinner time. I tell her not yet. She gets disappointed and goes another circle. Her main event of the day doesn't come easy. When the dinner time comes, it doesn't last long. She lives for this one minute. After that, she sits next to me while I prepare our dinner. Her eyes are getting heavy. She tries so hard to stay awake just in case any goodies fall off from the kitchen counter.

After our dinner, the snuggle time begins. It's also called her pre-sleep time. Marilyn gets ready for night-night sleep. The sun tires her out. She starts snoring. She is getting ready for tomorrow to start all over again.