The Resort - Part 1

A day is getting longer and longer. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. Tulips and daffodils are blooming big time. We got a blue sky. It's happy, bubbly and hopeful... just the best time in a year. I just don't want to miss any moment of this. So, I took a time-off from work. Marilyn and I are at the best resort in the whole world — so it called HOME.

I love being at home though I love traveling the world. Home is where my favorites are. It's full of fun. It's the most restful place. Home is my sanctuary where I look forward to coming back. Whenever I find a chunk of time being home, I'm happy and get excited... "What would I do this time?"

Birds are singing all day long. We start a day with a long morning walk. Marilyn gets cookies form people we run into. Now, she believes everybody on the street has a cookie or two for her. No wonder she loves to greet everybody. We see her boyfriend, Cosmo, on the way. He is a big gentleman. After the one hour walk, we sit on the side porch have breakfast watching wild birds are having theirs in the yard. No surprise, but lunch goes the same way. It has one more thing — a glass of wine. We enjoy a breeze going through the yard. The daffodils smell great! It's so peaceful here. We almost hear Judy Garland singing. This is my resort!

Besides the daffodils and tulips, bleeding heart is also blooming. This is still small, but it will be big and gorgious in a couple of weeks. She looks lonely all by herself. I planted a couple more next to her. She'll meet her new friends next spring. They will be an eye catcher with their cheerful pink flowers. Woodchucks don't seem to like them. This is a great news! I don't need to worry about she gets chomped up by the neighbor.

The perennials I ordered started to get delivered. Peonies, anemones, columbines, geraniums and a blueberry are stuck in the box waiting their new home is ready. There are more to come. I'll give them their permanent home during this staycation.

The peonies are easy since I already decided where they would go. The previous owner planted two peonies along the walkway. The new ones are going to fill the space between them and extend the bush. They are one of my favorite flowers. They were also our wedding flowers. Surprisingly, they are tough regardless their elegant look. They just keep coming back year after year. They are pretty much care free.

Some of them are waiting on me finishing a new flower bed. That is one of the projects for this time-off. I started it last spring to prevent soil to washed away and let the plants get more sun by raising the bed. These stones are from the yard. It's surprising what you can do with what you find around you.

Some potted plants spent the winter in the house need new soil or a bigger pot. They will be taken care of, too. Let's see how far I can go.