More Spring Please!

Three weekends ago, it was very warm, almost hot. That inspired me to start seeds. In the starter, I put basil, three kinds of heirloom tomatoes and eggplant. Usually, we get tomato and cucumber plants around Mothers' Day. This year, I'd like to try a little bit different. A little bit more challenge. This is my first time to start tomato and eggplant from seeds. Two week ago, they spent a couple of days outside getting a lot of sun. Since the weather had got cold again, they have been inside covered with a clear plastic and sitting at the window. They are in a little greenhouse. Now, you see tiny heads are coming up. They look so vulnerable even in the covered greenhouse. They are just like a baby cow or horse who's trying to stand up by his/her own legs right after his/her birth. At this point, there is nothing I can help. I just wish they have enough strength to keep growing. Whenever little buds pop up from the ground, it makes me wonder how they figured out which way to come out under the ground. Something amazing about a life.

In my herb garden, oregano, tarragon and chervil are coming back. I think thyme will also. The stems from last year seems to be still alive. Marjoram is a little bit questionable. Dill will pop up all over the place in the garden when it gets warmer. I cannot wait to put it into potato salad. I want to try Aunt Bev's dill pickle recipe this year. Her pickles are the best in the world! Sage went through the winter just like that. This is a tough one.

The woodchucks have been checking out the garden, too. Whenever they get into the garden, they break the stone borders around the garden. I can pinpoint where they got into the garden from. They love basil and dill. They like thin soft leaves. This year, I won't give them away to the big appetite neighbors unless they learn sharing.

Finches are coming to the feeders again in addition to chickadees and tufted titmouses. I saw a cardinal was hopping on the grass yesterday morning. Well, they are around all year long, but it is always nice to see the bright red. I haven't seen woodpeckers yet. Most of all, I am looking forward to seeing hummingbirds. This time around a year, I start checking the migration map. Of course, I already hung a feeder. This year, honey suckle will be planted near the feeder to attract them. When I hear buzz behind my head, I think it's a bee. Then, I turn around and find a hummingbird instead. That is a "Wow" moment. I feel lucky for the rest of the day after that... but, I don't go to get a mega-million ticket. Should I?

Tulips and daffodils are growing. I also found asparagus. For some reasons, this one's head is not straight. What is this? Is it confused? Does it regret it came out? Asparagus is the first vegetable I plated in this yard. It's been for two years. Hopefully, we can try a couple this year. There is a race between bunnies, woodchucks and us. Let's see who will win.

My plants are definitely waiting for a warm weather. So do I. It's still too cold to enjoy morning coffee on the porch. Marilyn just wants to lay down on green grass under the sun. We need more spring.