Bunnies, Treats and Flowers! Oh my!

These are from my yard. Just in time for Easter. Yellow daffodil is cheerful, but I like this creamy white one better. The orangy pink of the tulips pops in the soft white. They went to Shirley and Nana to share a little bit of spring in my yard with beignets I made last night.

These tulips are early spring blooming. I got a couple different kinds which bloom in different time. Other kinds of tulips will bloom in mid to late spring. This way, we can enjoy tulips whole spring. There are so many kinds of tulips nowadays. Double petals, ripped edges, multiple colors, and etc. My favorite is an original simple single petal one. Its simplicity is the beauty of it. Anyway, I cannot wait more colors show up in the yard.

This was my first time to make beignets. It turned out pretty good. It's a very simple recipe from Tasting Table. Eggs and ricotta cheese make fluffy and moist treats. They are just right sweetness. Warm ones are the best though cold ones are still good. Once you start eating it, it's hard to stop. Warning: It's addictive. Unfortunately, it's deep-fried. Yes, its calorie is something you don't want to think about.

The recipe said it's for one dozen beignets. I made two batches, then oh my! They turned to four dozens. That was a happy accident. The recipe says "they'll flip over on their own." Really? I didn't believe it. They did! They were rolling in the oil. When I dropped a table spoon of dough into the flyer, it shaped itself a ball, then started rolling by itself. This was the cutest and funniest thing. I didn't need to do anything but watching in the frying process. I just love it! Any deep fry stuff should be like this. Their dark brown scared me a little bit, but they don't taste burned at all. That is another strange thing.

The day before our first Easter at this house, Chad was cleaning up leaves in the yard. We moved in in winter. The previous owner was an old couple who were not able to do yard work. So, that spring, we had a huge pile of leaves. When Chad hit a pile, something popped out one after another. They were baby bunnies. He accidentally hit their nest. Mama bunny was away. The vulnerable babies were hopping all over the place in different directions. After he called a local animal shelter for help, he put them back in the nest and covered them with leaves just like how they had been as the person at the animal shelter told him to do. We kept the pile for a while. It seems Mama bunny took them away soon after he hit the pile. We had one day early Easter bunnies visit that spring.