Nana's Pumpkin Bread

Nana gave us a loaf of home made pumpkin bread. It's very moist and just right sweetness. When you put a piece in the mouse, it's filled up with happiness. You realize you have a big smile on your face. You don't even realize you keep putting more pieces into your mouth. Mmmmm, yum.

Nana is a ninety eight years old neighbor. She is not my nana, but she makes me feel like she is. She lives with her daughter, Shirley. She very good takes care of Nana. When a weather is nice, we see them walking in the evening together or reading on their porch. Whenever she sees us over the yard, she waves us lifting her arm half up. She is pretty witty. She doesn't say a lot, but a few words from her mouth always crack us up. We love to chat with her. She is so petite. You cannot imagine she raised three sons and one daughter. Nana is the cutest grandma I've ever seen besides my own grandma.

According to Shirley, Nana's apple pie is very popular in her family. They visit Nana and Shirley for that. Of course, they don't forget putting their request before their visits. I guess that keeps Nana going. I can picture she is making pies with her little hands thinking of them. Chad is looking forward to trying her apple pie someday. He's been hinting to her. That hasn't happened yet. It seems he needs to earn his piece. She also made some zucchini cookies for us before. They were very homey flavor as well. A homey flavor makes people happy. I hope my baking make people happy, too. I should learn Nana's secret.