My First Creation of the Year

Happy new year! Here, we had a beautiful day - clear blue sky, bird songs and warm air. It felt like spring. The morning walk was so refreshing.

The dining room got a warm soft light all day. I put my sewing machine on the dining table, and made a bed skirt for the bed in the guest room. We got a bed, but no mattress. Since the height of the bed was not clear without a box spring, this project had been on hold though I got fabric for it last year. The mattress came in a little before Christmas. It was a nice productive start of the year. Even better, it's done. I just finished making bed.

the guest room bed with the new bed skirt

bed skirt detail. closed up image
I wanted some vintage feel to the guest room. So, I picked scalloped edge embroiled cotton fabric. It's actually for baby stuff, but I think it worked out good. It goes well with the iron bed. The pillows need a little more help. I'm looking for fabric for two more small squire pillows.

It's a big piece, but actually pretty easy to sew. Make-your-own gives you more options of fabric and design. You could get exactly what you want. I love having options. I want what I want. I don't want to compromise to something I don't want if I could reach what I really want with some effort.

You can get a good deal with nice fabric on line. I used to wait Joann Fabric's sale, but not any more. I found I cannot sew without it. They have great selections in various fabric. They offer free shipping for orders over $35. Their customer service is good. I made all sheers and drapes in this house with fabric from them. It is fun to browse tons of fabric imaging what you can do with them. It stimulates your creativity. You can find a lot of resources for sewing on line, too. How to make a roman shade, how to make a bed skirt, how to make a pillow case, and so on.

Anyway, the walls on the room look sad. I have a couple of vintage crochets I found at an antique shop and a flea market. They are going to be framed to go on the walls. I need to start mount them. This can be a project for next weekend.