Bye Bye Christmas

After the New Years Day, it's time to say good bye to the Christmas tree. It's just because the town corrects Christmas tree between the second and third weeks in January. This is the most depressing event in the whole winter... the last moment of the holidays.

I love Christmas decoration. It's warm, bright and happy. After Thanksgiving, we go to a tree farm to cut down a tree by ourselves. We look from a tree to a tree to find perfect one, go back and forth between ones we think good, then pick the best tree losing the feel of the toes though we still felt our toes last year. Finally, we cut it down and carry it to the track. That's how we start a holiday season every year. I can live with the Christmas decoration until Easter comes. What's wrong with having hot chocolate looking at the decoration and throwing woods to the fire place while waiting spring comes? Isn't that a winter supposed to be? How can we entertain ourselves in the long New England winter otherwise? Please don't take our Christmas tree away from us. It's been only a month. It's too soon to say good bye. The tree still looks good. It's still beautiful.

Chad started taking down the ornaments from the tree after breakfast. I put Christmas music on. The ornaments went back to their boxes. The candle lights at the windows are gone. The mantle got cleared out. No more silly stockings. The house looks so sad after all Christmas stuff went back to the closet. It lost its shimmery accessories. It's like the end of a summer vacation - all fun is gone. There is no Christmas feel in the house anymore.

I used the same things to decorate for last two years, but they didn't line up as the same decoration a year before. The same spot and the same things. It's interesting how many patterns can be created with them. Only the stockings stay on the sames spots as if their spots are reserved for them.

I looked stockings at so many places years ago, but I couldn't find what I wanted. I saw a lot of nice ones. They looked beautiful, but didn't feel homey so much. They were too fancy. A feel of home is very important to me. I want something relaxing and comfortable at home to feel that home is the best place to be. One day, I found a perfect one on a catalog, but its price was outrageous. "I don't think I would pay for this much even though I really like it. Hum, it's just cable knitting. I can make one!" This is how I ended up knitting them all.

They were made in different years. They look slightly different in details. The middle one is Marilyn's. Hers is the last one I made. I didn't intend to make it the biggest. I was just checking the height of each border without thinking the total length. Once it was done, I noticed hers was huge, but didn't feel like redoing it at that point. I wanted hers something like in the Dr. Seuss books. The size added the feel to it. Its silly look is just like Marilyn. So, overall it worked out ok with one fallback. It's a big stocking. It takes a lot to fill it up! In fact, I got the biggest bone at Petco two years ago, which she proudly carried around in her mouth when she got it.

I don't want next Christmas to come right now, but I am certainly looking forward to it. I guess I'm ready to say good bye to Christmas for now.