Be Prepared

This morning, I attended the class for first aid for dogs at the Red Cross in Cambridge. It covers just enough to do before taking your Fido to a vet, which could significantly impact his recovery. Generally, a dog doesn't get an ambulance at his/her medical emergency. It's the best we don't get into such a situation. But, dog owners would better know what to do and how to comfort them in bad situations. Now, I know how to give dogs CPR, and I can do it! There is always a big difference between knowing something and able to do it.

Marilyn and I took a dog training course at MSPCA two years ago. I would suggest it to any dog owners who are interested in training. It is a good foundation course of training in general. The old dog leaned a new trick. It is possible! Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Oh, I got it. It's plural. I'll come back to this topic when she masters another new trick.

MSPCA and Red Cross offer various interesting classes. I think ASPCA in other areas offer some classes, too. I like they understand the importance of educating dog owners and offer us opportunities to learn how to provide our four legs companions well being.

I'd love to get involved to some volunteer activities with therapy dogs in the future, hopefully not too far away. Dogs' optimistic nature brings people smiles and a peace in their mind. They don't intend to do anything, but they can turn a light in your heart. This is their gift. And, dogs get happy spending time with people. Dogs and people can make each other happy. Anyway, learning how to good take care of dogs is a part of preparation for my dream. Happy dogs make people happier. A dog needs a training to be a certified therapy dog. Marilyn is snoring next to me. She has no idea about my little ambition.